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Nation ratifies UN corruption plan (4/27/2010 9:39:56 AM)

Vietnam has ratified the Plan on Implementation of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) and is ready to undertake full responsibility as a UNCAC member to increase the effectiveness of its anti-corruption efforts.

The plan aims to bring Vietnam’s anti-corruption regulations closer to international norms mandated by the UNCAC.

Under the plan, the Government will reform its regulations on the organization and operation of anti-corruption bodies and give them more power and independence.

Corruption prevention will be strengthened by promoting transparency and openness in public administration, simplifying administrative procedures and making periodical reports on anti-corruption in state agencies.

Regulations will be enacted on recruitment, appointment, remuneration, training and retirement of civil servants, and criteria will be set to evaluate corruption-prone situations and law enforcement efforts.

The plan includes a three-stage roadmap for Vietnam: stage 1 (through 2010) - to implement the Convention on a broad scale and improve the legal system in line with the UNCAC and the national anti-corruption strategy through 2020; stage 2 (2011-16) - to assess initial outcomes of implementation and further improve anti-corruption regulations; and stage 3 (2016-20) - to comprehensively assess implementation and increase the effectiveness of anti-corruption efforts.-

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