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transparentVietnam In the Month    
  • Prime Minister grants interview to Bloomberg
  • NA opens seventh session
  • NA Standing Committee discusses efficiency of bauxite projects

  • transparentLegal Updates    
  • Decision No. 31/2014/QD-TTg: Preferences given to waste-to-energy plants
  • Decision No. 634/QD-TTg: Project to stimulate local goods consumption approved
  • Decree No. 34/2014/ND-CP: New regulation on land border areas

  • transparentNew Legislation    
  • CIRCULAR No. 19/2014/TT-BTC OF FEBRUARY 11, 2014: Prescribing procedures for temporary import, re-export, destruction and transfer of automobiles and motorbikes of subjects entitled to privileges and immunities in Vietnam
  • DECISION No. 45/QD-TTg OF JANUARY 8, 2014: Approving the master plan on biodiversity conservation in the whole country through 2020, with orientations toward 2030
  • DECREE No. 03/2014/ND-CP OF JANUARY 16, 2014: Detailing a number of articles of the Labor Code on employment

  • transparentFocus    
  • Nation protests China’s actions in the East Sea
  • Since May 1, 2014, China brazenly moved its deep-water oil rig escorted by over 80 armed and military vessels and many airplanes to the Vietnamese waters and installed the rig at the location which is 80 miles deep into Vietnam’s continental shelf and exclusive economic zone prescribed by the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (1982 UNCLOS).
  • Foreign policy under the 2013 Constitution
  • Renewal of market economy institutions in Vietnam

  • transparentForum    
  • The 3rd draft Law on bankruptcy at a glance
  • The 3rd version of the Draft Law on Bankrutpcy contains significant changes to the existing Law on Bankrutpcy, notably with respect to the determination of the point of no return, the administrator regime, the protection of trust assets, the negotiation on the withdrawal of the bankruptcy petition and the priority of tax claims.

  • Monitoring Performance and Equality in Governance and Public Administration in Vietnam
  • Criminalizing illicit enrichment: A chance to fight corruption and recover Vietnam’s stolen assets

  • transparentBusiness    
  • New regulations aim to tightly manage multi-level marketing
  • Companies wishing to run a multi-level marketing (MLM) scheme must have legal capital of at least VND 10 billion.

  • Policy digest
  • Government resolves to improve business environment

  • transparentIP    
  • IP fees should be raised
  • At present, industrial property fees are applied according to the Schedule of Fees and Charges for Industrial Property provided in the Ministry of Finance’s Circular No.22/2009/TT-BTC dated May 4, 2009.

  • Settlement of copyright disputes at court
  • Some views of the right to file invention registration application

  • transparentExclusive    
  • Circular provides compensation for land recovery

  • Beefing up IP rights
  • Open house: allowing home ownership by foreigners

  • transparentCourts    
  • Revising the Criminal Procedure Code in light of the new Constitution
  • The new Constitution of Vietnam, which was passed on November 28, 2013 by the National Assembly, sets forth many important requirements on criminal justice, including more effective crime prevention and combat, protection of people’s peaceful life, respect and guarantee for human rights and citizens’ rights, and promotion of socialist democracy. These requirements should be grasped to revise the current Criminal Procedure Code (the Code) with a view to building a fair, humane, democratic and strict justice.

  • Exclusion of penal liability in criminal justice
  • Extenuating circumstances

  • transparentQ&A    
  • Inter-country marriage registration
  • Adopting Vietnamese children
  • Unilateral termination of labor contracts

  • transparentLaw Guide    
  • Land recovery and compensation under the new Land Law
  • The new Land Law was passed on November last year and will take effect on July 1, 2014 (the 2013 Land Law). This Law devotes a whole chapter, Chapter VI, to providing land recovery and compensation.

  • Law on Plant Protection and Quarantine
  • Law on Employment

  • transparentIn the Pipeline    
  • Ministries suggest more incentives for agriculture
  • Draft decree introduces policies to restructure road transportation business
  • Higher retirement age, lower pension proposed

  • transparentSociety & Law    
  • Tourism authority heightens alert over illegal foreign guides
  • The Vietnam National Administration of Tourism (VNAT) has requested provincial Culture, Sports and Tourism Departments to tighten management of tourist guides in their localities in a move to tackle emerging operations of illegal foreign guides across the country.

  • Transfer pricing unbridled at FDI enterprises
  • Child labor first reviewed on national scale

  • transparentHistory & Law    
  • Ethos of the feudal mandarin regime in Vietnam
  • Through thousands of years of existence of the feudal regime in Vietnam, many political and legal institutions were created and consolidated. The mandarin regime is one of such institutions. Besides its substantive weaknesses and limitations, the feudal mandarin regime in Vietnam is characterized by its ethos worth of study.

  • Special features of feudal law in Vietnam
  • Intellectual property institutions in Vietnamese law

  • transparentTraditions    
  • New rice ceremony of the Thai
  • For the Thai, an ethnic group living mainly on wet rice cultivation, the new rice ceremony is one of the biggest ceremonies in the year.

  • Hair washing ceremony of the Thai
  • Wedding of Kho Mu ethnic group

  • transparentProfile    
  • Hai Phong strives to attract more FDI for development
  • Located 102 km from Hanoi, Hai Phong city is also known as the city of red flamboyant or the northern port city of Vietnam. Covering 1,507.5 square kilometers, the city is the third most populous city in the country, after Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, with nearly two million people (by December 2011). The city has seven districts (Ngo Quyen, Hong Bang, Le Chan, Duong Kinh, Do Son, Kien An and Hai An), six suburban districts (Thuy Nguyen, Hai An, An Lao, Kien Thuy, Tien Lang and Vinh Bao) and two island districts (Cat Hai and Bach Long Vi) with 223 communes, wards and townships.

  • CAN THO CITY seeks investment to tap tourism potential
  • Thanh Hoa: potential, advantages and investment opportunities

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